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What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Both fall under the Social Security Act of 1965, and both are health insurance programs; however, that’s where the similarities stop.

In a nutshell, Medicare is a national health insurance program administered by the federal government for:

  • Individuals 65 and older
  • People under 65 with certain disabilities
  • People of all ages with end-stage renal disease

There are four parts: A, B, C, & D. 

Medicare Part A covers up to 100 days in a nursing home provided you have at least a three inpatient day stay in the hospital, are admitted to skilled care for the same reason you were admitted to the hospital, have a doctor’s order for transfer, and are showing signs of improvement. (

In a nutshell, Medicaid is health insurance administered by the states for:

  • Low-income individuals regardless of age whose income and resources are insufficient to pay for care

To qualify in Nebraska, assets must total $4,000 or less for an individual. (

Rules & regulations subject to change.

The healthcare family of Midwest Geriatrics, Inc. is Medicare / Medicaid certified. In fact, we accommodate and assist in payer source transition.